Policies and Procedures

Document database implementation presentation (Zhone)
Proposal for Zhone document database presented to senior management. (Requires password to access.)

Documentation standards (Zhone)
Presentation to senior executives describing Zhone technical publications standards. This was used to structure the technical publications department.

Product life cycle process presentation (Pay By Touch)
This is a condensed version of the lifecycle process that I delivered to the engineering team to explain and evangelize a new process of developing products.

Product road map (Pay By Touch)
Product release roadmap.

Release checklist (Pay By Touch)
I developed this checklist to help structure and define a product release process. For new products and releases, we require these items to be completed.

Technical Publications Process and Procedures Guide. (Zhone)
I led the development of this guide and wrote content. It was the guidelines for the technical publications group at Zhone. (Requires password to access.)

Technical Publications ISO Procedure. (Zhone)
I wrote this for the Zhone ISO audit to describe the technical publications processes. (Requires password to access.)