Hardware Documentation

BAN Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide. (Zhone)
I wrote this entire guide. I derived the information from specifications, interviews, and my own experience with the product.

MALC Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide. (Zhone)
The BAN and MALC software were derived from a common codebase. As such, content was shared between these product lines using a content management system I researched and implemented.

Stinger Hardware Installation Guide. (Ascend/Lucent)
I wrote this guide for Lucent’s industry leading DSLAM product. This was the first release of this product.

MALC Test Plan. (Zhone)
At the request of the system test engineering group, I created this hardware acceptance test plan. This plan was to be executed by customers to verify that the equipment was fully functional before it was installed.

SHDSL Power Addendum. (Zhone)
A brief technical bulletin that explained the wiring of a line-powered SHDSL card.

Zhone Residential Gateway Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide (Zhone)
Explains how to install and configure the Zhone Residential Gateway (ZRG), an IPTV set top box.